Under the blue sky of happiness the 1% stands with the 99%

by bluesky on October 18, 2011

In my earlier blog on radical inclusivity and the blue sky of happiness, I noted that participation is an integral part of creating a more inclusive world.  As the burning man manifesto says, we join the party when we make the world real through actions which open the heart.

With this perspective in mind, it may seem that the Occupy Wall Street movement, some how feels excluded, or otherwise they wouldn”t be campaigning against the 1% of wealthy people on the planet, whose lack of action has caused such an in-balance in the distribution of the worlds wealth.

Amongst which we find the financiers and bankers who have, some claim, wildly and irresponsibly speculated on commodities markets originally designed to stabilise food prices, and so forcing millions of people into food poverty.

I have another perspective however.  I don”t believe the Occupy Wall Street Movement (the 99%) consider themselves victims of the 1%, and here”s why.  I believe the movement has been mobilised because the 99% have begun to realise that the well being of the whole cannot be dictated by a small minority, and in realising that, are reclaiming their own power to change the well being of the whol

e.  They are beginning to see beyond the grey skies of powerlessness, and so claim their right to visualise and affirm a better future for all.

And, by the same token – albeit less evident – there are those amongst the 1% who also recognise this.  Obviously we can point to Bill Gates and Warren  Buffet as key examples here, and yet it was this photo taken at the Occupy Wall Street campaign which stood out for me.

Her (I don”t know her name) placard reads, “I inherited money at 21.

I have had health and dental insurance all my life.

I want to live in a world where we all have enough. I have more than enough. Tax me! Rich kid for redistribution! I am the 1% and I stand with the


In short, in realising their intimate connection to the 99% , some of the 1% are recognising that their true happiness is limited when it excludes the 99%.

The Blue Sky Of Happiness offers us the same perspective. We simply cannot separate ourselves from the rest of humanity, because our true Self is intimately connected to the rest of humanity.  The 1% is not separate from the 99%, in spite of their best efforts to maintain this illusion.

Whether we consider ourselves part of the 1% or the 99% doesn”t matter.    We are all born and we all die under the same pristine blue sky.  What matters in the time between birth and death, is whether we are willing to take responsibility for ensuring that the impact of our actions are, where possible, inclusive of others.

Beneath the blue sky of happiness I imagine the 1% experiencing an outpouring of compassion for their fellow man, woman and children.


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