Changing the weather in our collective mind..

by bluesky on June 29, 2011

In the All-Seeing Boy and the Blue Sky of Happiness, the idea of a pristine, blue sky free from clouds is introduced to a young boy as a metaphor for the true nature of his Mind.

In fact as his relationship with the mysterious Jason Carper Esq., unfolds further, he also learns that it”s a metaphor for everyone”s mind.  That in fact we all share the same true nature, and that we forget this true nature when we choose to focus on the grey clouds of our sadness and negative thoughts, that cover its intrinsic beauty.

The idea of a permanent blue sky behind the clouds, of course, is a scientific fact.  The blue sky never disappears, it just gets temporarily masked by the prevalent weather conditions of the day or season.  As a scientific fact the idea is easy to grasp, but as a metaphor for our own state of mind?

However, just for this moment, take a leap of faith with me here and consider what we might learn about the state of humanity”s collective mental health, if we recognised that our planet”s atmosphere is a perfect mirror for the collective state of the human mind – that our deep interconnected relationship with the Earth as one living entity is far more profound than we might possibly have imagined.

What would we learn, I believe, is that our mental suffering is a lot worse than a few sad grey clouds blocking us from knowing and experiencing our true nature.

We”d discover that millions of tons of fossil fuel emissions are currently trapped in the atmosphere, which in turn is heating up the planet – just as we pollute our minds and over heat our desire with millions of distracting advertising images created to sell unsustainable goods we don”t need.

If we looked closer at the atmosphere, we”d also find it was full of holes; just like our lack of joined up Big fan!I like that Win Palace uses Real Time Gaming software. thinking on climate change.  That the inonosphere open to electro-magnectic manipulation, supposedly in the name of science;  just as our ability to reason, and or, follow our intuition is impacted by the thought pollution and electro magnetic environment we live in.

Put simply our collective mind is a very muddled place; our collective mental health badly out of shape.  Just check the daily news if you”re still not sure this is so.

Fortunately, the solution to improving our collective mental health is easy.

We need not focus on the symptom of our malaise – either simple grey clouds representing our sadness, or the more severe image of global warming as a metaphor for an altogether different level of madness  – we need simply remember the True nature that has been, is, and always will be present, in spite of our errant ability to focus elsewhere.

This is the first and primary message of the Blue Sky of Happiness.  Remember your/our true nature.  Your, our, true nature is like the Blue Sky on a cloudless sunny day – unbroken, pristine, and high and wide enough to shelter us all.  It is always there in spite of your, and our best efforts to taint, or ignore it.

If we practiced remembering It en-mass, might our atomosphere begin to reflect our new found clarity of mind?

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